I am creative, design jewelry and are crazy about fashion. I am 49 years old and working in DSB as a project manager. The blog will perhaps best be targeted at those aged 40 +. but all ages are welcome.

I started the blog because, I am very often asked about where I buy my clothes and my jewelry, so I decided to create a blog in which I will give some link to the clothes and jewelry that I find and buy.

The blog is about fashion., Which means both fashion and the way we are doing things.

The word fashion comes from medieval Italy and meant etiquette in the highest strata of society. The concept came to Denmark from France through fashion magazines, which was a single sheet with a colored engravings. In the beginning the fashion was exclusiv for the highest strata of society and there was only one kind. Today’s fashion concept are much more broad and now it is called fashion.

Fashion is not a new invention, people is acknowledged to flock animals and want to be a  part of the pack. Fashion is a way to show which group you belong to. This is still valid today, we show who we are, our economic strength, etc..

I look forward to blogging and hope you will respond and comment and to ask for what I write. Enjoy and feel free.

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